If you are small business owner, you understand that developing a solid sales and marketing plan is the key to growing your business.  Creating a strong sales and marketing plan will help you clearly define where your business is currently at, and what your next steps should be to reach your next level of growth.  A sales and marketing plan helps you and your team, define quarterly sales goals, client cultivation techniques (for both new and existing clients), marketing strategies and your overall yearly-targeted projections for business growth.  With a strong plan in place everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities in helping to grow the business and the expectations associated with these responsibilities.  Without this plan in place growing your business can be difficult.

A strong sales and marketing plan should always be part of your businessÕ overall plan.  It provides potential investors with pertinent information regarding how you intend to grow and develop your business.  When investors see you are serious about growing your business, they are more likely to invest in it.  If potential investors see flaws in your business plans and offer suggestions on how to make it better prior to their investing in your business Ð make the changes they want!  Your potential investors have been in business for a very long time and often have a very good understanding of what will and will not work when selling products or services to clients.  If you make the suggested changes and gain their investment, you also gain a trusted partner you can call upon in the future for improving your sales and marketing plan.

Your sales and marketing plan should also be a constantly evolving document; one that needs to reviewed and readjusted either yearly or bi-yearly as your company grows or your business changes.

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